Management and staff at Emerald Terrace work together to create a homely environment, whilst offering professional and compassionate care. Staff and management are required to acknowledge and understand the 7 Step Quality Service Method on a day to day basis when interacting with residents and their families.

All staff are professionally qualified to perform their specific roles, and their Registration and Police checks are all monitored to ensure that they are compliant and qualified to perform their roles.
Continuous improvement is fundamental to staff development and the service provided at Emerald Terrace. Training and professional development are key elements of our culture, and staff attend regular training sessions throughout the year to maintain and improve their professional standards. Continuous improvement is a dynamic process, with planned quality improvement audits integrated into day to day activities to monitor performance and identify opportunities to improve and demonstrate outcomes achieved. Continuous improvement ensures that our mission to excel in the services we provide, are maintained at the highest possible levels.

Denise Chin is our CEO

Faye Roberts

is our Director of Nursing. Faye was appointed as Director of Nursing in August 2008. Prior to this, Faye was a Registered Nurse with 20 years of experience in the aged care industry. Faye has completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Gerontology and Diploma of Management. Faye is passionate about aged care. She believes that her profession can bring a positive impact on someone’s life during their senior years.
Faye has a great commitment to the residents, family and staff of Emerald Terrace. She is a great advocate of ‘person centred’ care, where our residents are cared for with dignity and respect while retaining their independence and vitality. Faye is actively involved in training programs to ensure staff are constantly updating their skills and encourages them to continually grow and develop in the provision of professional and loving care.

Kerrie Tilbrook

is the head of the Lifestyle and Activities department. Kerrie has a Diploma of Community Services, Lifestyle and Leisure and has more than 19 years of experience in the Industry.

Our Lifestyle department contributes to the social interaction of our Residents by keeping them active and connected to the community. Visual media provides our residents the opportunity to keep in touch with daily events in our world, as well as the never ending source or stimulating entertainment that the Internet can provide. Our programs are designed for groups as well as individuals so as to reduce isolation and promote socialising.

2016 introduces new programs to the calendar which include more active and interactive games, exciting outings and an expansion of Cultural Day celebrations.

Kerrie is a passionate member of the Emerald Terrace Team and committed to ensuring that our Residents maintain a connection with the local communities and continue to have a quality social life.

Judy Costanzo

Is our Quality Assurance Officer. Judy works closely with our DON to ensure our quality system remains up to date and that all regulatory requirements are met, along with ensuring our clinical care practices follow our stringent procedures.

Judy has a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources, with a vast experience in business administration, human resources, community health, and internal audit and compliance. Before commencing with Emerald Terrace, she held senior roles in various federal government departments, community health, and Indigenous organistations. Judy brings to Emerald Terrace a broad skill mix, an understanding of government standards, human resource practices and processes and meticulous attention to detail, which is essential in ensuring our quality system remains robust, current and compliant.